Solo canoe tips for safe trips

There are several people out there that prefer to engage in a solo trip with the canoe. Two simple things that are easy with a group suddenly become difficult, dangerous or really annoying.
This post will hand out some tips on how to carry a canoe and how to get back into one when it capsizes.

How to carry your canoe

When there are 2 people inside a canoe, it’s easy. One in the front, the other in the back and you are off. But when you are solo, it’s harder to handle a fairly heavy and big canoe.

The trick is actually constructed into the canoe. Not everyone knows what the bar in the middle is for, but it’s made for solo carrying the canoe on your shoulders.

There are 3 simple steps to follow, and they are explained in the two videod below.

  1. Set your feet firm on the ground and bend them to create a shelf.
  2. Turn the canoe on the side, and roll onto the shelf created by your legs.
  3. Grab the canoe with 2 hands and lift over your head.

Self rescue when you capsize

When you are traveling on a lake or large body of water, there is no easy way to swim to the side in case of an emergency. When there are 2 paddlers, it’s easy to re-entry the boat when another person balances it, but again, solo it is a lot harder.

The easiest way is to replace this counter weight of the person with a filled water bag. The video below shows an example.

  1. Flip the boat back to its upright position.
  2. Empty as much water as possible from the boat.
  3. Attach the counter weight.
  4. Crawl back in the boat