The cost of becoming a member

What should be the membership fee of a canoe & kayak club?
It’s a simple question that sprouts a lot of debate on many meetings in clubs throughout Belgium.

There are a lot of different clubs in Belgium. Some started as a group of friends, paddling together and have grown to a club, recreational, little rules and a lot of member participation.
At the other end of the scale are the competitive clubs, supplying well organized training schedules, a lot of mentoring and usually a bigger subscription fee.
Of course, there are also a lot of clubs that hoover somewhere in between. They tend to do both recreational and competitive kayaking, supplying their members with basic gear and enabling training sessions for beginners and a little more seasoned participants.

Giving figures of any sort are bound to have variances, mistakes and differences based on the situation of the club, the member or the activities that the members participate in.
With the figures below I tried to standardize most of it, taking a member who will participate in competitions where available and > 18y.

The average fee to become a member is about € 64 with € 16.5 for the use of club gear and € 16 if you want to park your boat in the club house.

Not all clubs display there fees on their website, but from those that do, the cheapest to join, with the use of club gear are EKC, Edegem (€ 25 / year) and Oeter, Neeroeteren (€ 35 / year).
Neither of these have competitive kayakers.

The most expensive clubs, usually active in competitive disciplines, for membership without gear are VVWH, Hasselt (€ 145 / year) and NWC, Neerpelt (€ 100 / year).

Storing your kayak in the club is something that can be very expensive with KCCG, Gent (almost € 45 / year) and GEKKO, Gent (€ 40 / year depending on boat length).
Most competitive clubs offer free or cheap storage.